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Amanda Lear’s Tendance available again on!

Amanda Lear’s Tendance CD album is available again on

The tracklist is the following and includes the unreleased song Phoenix for the first time on CD:

1. Love Boat
2. Do U wanna see it?
3. Tendance
4. Lili Marleen
5. Hier Encore (Yesterday when I was young)
6. Porque Me Gusta
7. I Just Wanna Dance Again (Pumpin’ Dolls radio edit)
8. Vol de Nuit
9. L’invitation au Voyage
10. The Look of Love
11. L’importante e Finire
12. Phœnix
13. Travel By Night
14. Rainbow Love Boat (Oriental Mix)

The CD can be bought at:

Or on Createspace using the DH6VG5NZ code to get a 25% discount.